2nd meeting


Simon Jamieson, Chair’ FOCL

I attended the second meeting of the friends of Carnegie Library tonight 23rd April 2013. It was held at Marine FC clubroom and again chaired by Simon Jamieson.

The meeting was well attended although there had been a number of apologies sent because of Holidays. Two Sefton Councillors attended; Conservative leader Cllr Peter Papworth (Blundellsands)  and the Labour’s Cllr Michael Roche (Victoria)

Simon explained that Councillors would not be asked to join the committee as that could lead to conflicts of interest at the present time.

Cllr Roche offered that Councillors of all parties are happy to work together to help the committee on this issue and that they are accustomed to working in unison on most council committees.

Cllr Papworth said that the Crosby area; WILL have a Library. As yet it is not possible to judge where it might be located.

Simon reported that he had a meeting with the head of Sefton MBC library services and that he was in consultation with a  prominent local businessman regarding a business plan.

Simon called for volunteers for a committee and a secretary, chair and other members were proposed and seconded.

Marine FC, College Road, Crosby

Marine FC, College Road, Crosby

The official minutes and full details of the Committee membership will be published here once available.

Thanks to Mr Paul Leary Chairman of Marine FC for the use of the Clubroom.

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Andrew Carnegie

Carnegie plaqueThe name Carnegie is ubiquitous; libraries, institutes, trusts, foundations in Britain, the United States and Europe established by the Scottish-American steel baron turned philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie.

The Carnegie UK Trust is marking its centenary this year. So what kind of man was Andrew Carnegie and what is his legacy?


Initial Meeting

The Community group “Friends Of Carnegie Library” held it’s initial meeting at Marine FC Lounge last night 12th March 2013. The meeting was arranged and hosted by Simon Jamieson and attended by around almost 100 local people. Five local Councillors also attended.

Mr Jamieson thanked Mr Leary Chairman of Marine FC for the free use of the lounge.


Sefton Council budget meetings in January and February had to impose cuts to it’s services totalling £50.8 million per year by 2015 and this is on top of £64 million cuts already imposed, a total of £114.8  million per year by 2014/15. That equates to  40% of the Sefton MBC controllable budget.

As part of the recommendations made to the Sefton MBC Cabinet and Councillors  it was indicated that savings of £400,000 were required on Library spending. Many of the Library buildings were in need of repair,  Carnegie Library repairs estimated at around £100,000. Running costs for the Library were around £80,000 P.A.

Following wide-ranging consultations Carnegie Library was one of several LIbraries highlighted for closure as part of a range of options presented to and and reccomended by Cabinet to Councillors.

The Cabinet said that if community groups can prepare and present Feasible and sustainable plans for maintaining any Library then that will be considered. A transition fund of £1 million has been included in the budget to help such groups with initial start-up costs. these might include urgent repairs, training etc.


Mr Jamieson hosted an interesting  Q&A session and  and called for interested parties to provide ideas and offer any expertise skills to help develop the project. A list was distributed calling for contact details eMails etc.

Mr Jamieson resolved to call an AGM in three weeks where a committee could be elected. The date and venue will be publicized in the Local media, Trader’s windows, noticeboards, Facebook, Twitter and other other Social media.

Anybody wishing to help protect Carnegie Library, do you have particular skills you could volunteer? All ideas welcomed for discussion.  Contact the group:

Email:              carnegiecrosby@yahoo.co.uk   


Twitter            @FOCarnegie

Cllr Michael Roche 13th March 2013 11:38